Refugees can only be helped by taking joint action

Group tour on German-Greek relations and on Germany’s refugee policy
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How do other countries see Germany’s refugee policy? Greek journalists spent just under a week in Berlin and Munich talking to politicians, experts and refugee

“The five days in Germany showed me how seriously the Germans take this humanitarian crisis, just as we Greeks do too. The two countries should work together to promote an arrangement that distributes refugees fairly within the EU – particularly because the other members of our community of states put their national interests above their European and global responsibility.”  
Dimitrios-Panos Skleparis Political and Refugee Analyst , ELIAMEP Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy Athen 

“Since the increase in the flows of refugees, Greeks and Germans have looked at each other in a new way. We have a great deal of respect for what Germany is doing right now. But of course, the country is also overburdened. We Greeks know from experience how complicated the refugee issue is and that it requires international solidarity and cooperation.”
Maria-Afroditi Tziantzi, Journalist Efimerida ton Syntakton The Editors' Newspaper, Athen 

“The refugee crisis is changing Germany a great deal at the moment. I think Angela Merkel’s approach is right and courageous, but the Germans seem to me to be deeply divided on the refugee question. Alos, there appears to be no Plan B if the other European countries close their borders. We can only hope that Europe and Turkey will cooperate.”
Angeliki Spanou, Journalist Free Sunday, Sunday newspaper, Athen 

“We visited the initial reception facilities for refugees in Berlin and Munich. The German authorities are doing a great deal, but from conversations with refugees I know that they very much wish that their applications for asylum were processed more quickly and with more urgency.”
Georgios Effraimidis, Journalist Star Channel, Athen 

“I was surprised how well Germany treats the refugees, through financial support or in its efforts to provide German lessons for both children and adults so that they will be able to work later on. It seems to me that the integration process is well on track.”
Violeta Tripodi, Director Samiaki TV, Samos