Education at the Goethe-Institut

To create access to education is one of the central purposes of the Goethe-Institut. As a leading provider of German courses and programmes for German teachers, we also offer training and advanced training for artists, actors in the areas of media and information & libraries, in the creative industry, EU officials and municipalities, employees of German and international business enterprises, cultural managers, and for children and young people.
In addition to modularly structured and certified training programmes, the Goethe-Institut works with informal formats, including master classes for artists, network meetings for activists and workshops for various cultural professions.

Projects of cultural education worldwide

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Arts & Cultural Management

Practical qualification in cultural management: the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Arts & Cultural Management is an English-language, extra-occupational course in international cultural management, open to professionals internationally engaged in the cultural sector. It was developed by the Leuphana Professional School in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. The master’s programme focuses on the opportunities and risks of current transformation processes for cultural organizations, such as demographic change, digitalization and globalization. The inclusion of experienced cultural managers from the Goethe-Institut’s network as lecturers guarantees an international practical relevance. Furthermore, the Goethe-Institut offers practical, international case studies from the cultural sector.

Master Arts and Cultural Management