Frequently Asked Questions

Under certain circumstances Goethe-Institutes abroad can finance travel expenses of German film directors to festival in the respective host countries  For this purpose applications must be submitted through the local Goethe-Institut. Please contact them at an early stage.

The Film Television Radio Division at the Goethe-Institut head office is not in a position to offer travel allowances for German artists for performances abroad.
On principle, only project-related support can be provided. The Goethe-Instituts abroad are free to plan their programmes as they wish. Projects are always carried out with a partner in the host country on a dialogue basis.
On principle, television or film projects are not viewed for their suitability for use overseas by the Goethe-Institut until they have been completed. For more information on specific project plans please contact the Goethe-Institut in your country.
For films purchased by the Goethe-Institut, you'll find this information in our film catalogue.

For all other films, the first place to check is the Deutsche Filmportal, the central platform for free information on German cinema:
All diplomatic missions of Germany, all Goethe-Institutes and German cultural institutes abroad, every lector of the DAAD  as well as expert advisers within the framework of their teaching activity in non-German-speaking countries, plus all cultural mediators and educational institutions (schools, universities) in non-German-speaking countries.

To borrow films (DVD) please contact the nearest Goethe-Institut film archive.

Unfortunately, private individuals can't borrow or buy films from the Goethe-Institut.
You can find some information on the website of German Films