Ordering films

The Goethe-Institut makes DVD versions of selected films available abroad for use in schools or universities. For research please use our film catalogue. To borrow films, please contact your nearest film archive.
Film catalogue and regional film archives worldwide

Festivals and directors’ journeys

Under certain circumstances directors’ journeys can be granted financial support by the respective country's Goethe-Institut. Applicants please contact your local Goethe-Institut.
The Goethe-Institut head office in Germany cannot provide financial support for festivals or directors’ journeys.

Addresses of all Goethe-Instituts worldwide
Addresses of all overseas agencies of the German Foreign Office

Support for film and television projects

On principle, televisions of film projects are not viewed for their suitability for use overseas by the Goethe-Institut until they have been completed. For more information on specific project plans please contact the Goethe-Institut in your country.
Addresses of all Goethe-Instituts worldwide