International Translation Day 2016

Hieronymustag 2016 © Weltlesebühne e.V.

Watch „Transparent Translators” at work worldwide on International Translation Day 2016

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September, the feast of St. Jerome, who translated the Hebrew Bible into Latin and became the patron saint of translators. For this year’s International Translation Day, the Weltlesebühne association is holding events in 15 cities in Germany, Denmark and Switzerland with a view to giving visibility and public exposure to the work of literary translators. Each event is a one- or two-hour presentation of a so-called “Gläserner Übersetzer” or “Transparent Translator” working on a literary translation: the translators make their thought processes transparent to the general public and submit possible formulations in their translations to public discussion.
Around forty of these events will be held in the German-speaking part of Europe. The public can also watch “Transparent Translators” at work in local Goethe-Instituts in nine different cities: Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Kiev, Ljubljana, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Sofia and Tel Aviv. The literary works to be translated are in a wide range of different languages, including Arabic, English, Icelandic, French, Dutch, Indonesian, Spanish, Swedish and of course German.
For details about the International Translation Day 2016 event nearest you, check out the Weltlesebühne website.