Residencies in Germany

Residencies in Germany

This grant is to enable individual performing artists working in the field of music from developing and transition countries (see DAC-list) to prepare new international programmes and productions with partners in Germany. The object of the programme is to promote international artistic collaboration and intensive cultural exchange on a partnership basis.
Applications may be submitted by individual artists from abroad or their partner institutions in Germany. If the request is granted, agreements will be made with both parties.

Prerequisites for eligibility:

  • Invitation and support from an institution or an individual in Germany with considerable relevance in the national arts scene
  • Significant impact on the arts scene in Germany and/or the artist’s home country
  • Duration of stay from two to a maximum of six weeks
  • No firm pre-existing bookings (of flights, hotels), at the time of application, for the parts of the journey concerned. 

Ineligible for funding:

  • Master classes, summer schools and other studies abroad
  • Commercial training seminars
  • Travel primarily for tourist purposes
  • Guest performance trips and tours by ensembles

The Goethe-Institut funding covers:

  • The artist's expenses on international travel to and from Germany
  • Health, accident and personal liability insurance for the artist during their stay in Germany
  • An allowance of up to 400 € per week for accommodation, meals and other expenses. The Goethe-Institut will not provide housing.
Additional costs will not be covered.

Submit an informal application in German or English, including the following information:

  1. An informative project description, incl.
    • a brief description of the specific project and concrete objectives of residency
    • outline of project planning
    • information about other partners, if any, and their role in the project
  2. A brief profile of the artist and information about the partner institution in Germany
  3. Confirmation from the other party (artist or institution) of the planned residency in the form of a letter of motivation by the artist or an invitation from the partner institution
  4. Budget incl. information about funding and support provided by the partner institution and/or third parties as well as the artist’s fees
  5. A recent audio recording and/or other works by the artist (link)


As a rule, applications should be submitted six weeks before the start of the project.
After a music residency in Germany, the recipient artist will be ineligible for subsequent Goethe-Institut music residencies in Germany for three full calendar years.
Applicants have no legal entitlement to financial support. Goethe-Institut grants for music residencies are voluntary payments for projects that substantially correspond to the German government's foreign cultural and educational policy objectives and could not be carried out without this support.
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Applications must be submitted by the Cultural Funding Application.

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