Virtual Partner Residencies

For professional musical artists

Travel is severely restricted for the time being due to the corona pandemic. As a result, not only have nearly all live performances been cancelled, but so have most physical residencies for artists and co-productions. In reaction to the resulting changes in working conditions in the music scene, the Goethe-Institut has created this virtual residency programme with a view to maintaining and reinforcing international exchange and collaboration.

Virtual partner residencies may serve to work on joint research, compositions, concept and project development, pre-productions or innovative online projects, for example. Other, including Interdisciplinary, music-centred formats may also be eligible for funding. The focus must be on artistic collaboration and extensive exchange on a partnership basis.
This virtual partner residency programme is for solo artists and small ensembles from Germany and abroad. Projects of or involving artists from developing or transition countries (see DAC list) are particularly welcome.
The application may be submitted by artists/ensembles in Germany or abroad, provided that at least one artist or ensemble based in Germany is involved in the project. If your application is granted, we will conclude corresponding agreements with both partners.

Prerequisites for eligibility:

  • Professional artists/ensembles with proven experience in their music scene
  • Sustainable partnership and project
  • Project duration of two to six weeks

Not eligible for funding are projects which

  • Serve mainly for private or family exchange
  • Are already substantially financed by other means
  • Do not focus on music
  • Involve a partner based in a German-speaking country
  • Are primarily of a commercial nature
  • Take place within the context of a course of study or training
  • Only involve Streaming concerts 

Goethe-Institut funding comprises:

  • A grant of €1,200 per ensemble/partner 

Duration of programme:

until 31 December 2021

Applications can unfortunately no longer be accepted!