Life in Numbers

  • life in numbers HELLERAU European Centre of the Arts Photo: Stephan Floß
  • Life in Numbers Photo: Nelson Lázaro Mabuie
  • Life in Numbers Photo: Nelson Lázaro Mabuie
  • Life in Numbers Photo: Stephan Floß

CulturArte/Katia Manjate, Ana Lucia Cruz, Panaibra Canda (Mozambique), situation productions/Bettina Lehmann, Anna Till (Germany), tanzhaus NRW (Germany)

"life in numbers" is a contemporary dance piece, developed in an artistic collaboration of choreographer/dancer Katia Manjate from Maputo and choreographer/ dancer Anna Till from Dresden. The creation is driven by the interest of two humans in each other who share the same gender, age and profession. Nevertheless, they are aware of the differences in their work and everyday life, one living in Mozambique, the other one in Germany.
"life in numbers" is based on research asking for the relevance of statistic comparability. What do numbers tell about identity and quality of life? Can numbers really represent everything?
In "life in numbers" the two performers reflect on how numbers influence their lives, and question the criteria that are used to classify the identity and characteristics of individuals through statistical investigation. They reveal the delicate gap between an "official reality" represented in numbers and an "individual reality" shaped by everyday experience.

from Panaibra Canda on Vimeo

Dance, Choreography & Artistic Direction: Katia Manjate, Anna Till | Video & Sociological Background: Barbara Lubich | Music: Jorge Domingos | Set & Costume Design: Sara Machado | Dramaturgy: Panaibra Canda | Light Design & Technical Support: Martin Mulik | Production Management: Ana Lucia Cruz (CulturArte), Bettina Lehmann (situation productions) | Funded by: International Co-production Fund of the Goethe-Institut

This project is part of round 5 of the International Coproduction Fund, year 2018.