Podcast on Goethe-Institut concerts around the world

Gentleman in Dakar Photo: © Angelika Prox-Dampha / kingstone.de

The Goethe Institutes abroad invite German bands and ensembles of every stripe to tour their areas. 
Our podcasts present information about and samples of our music events around the globe, so listen in at your leisure or sign up for a free subscription.  

Podcast Issue 70

New music/ electronic music

With the "anders hören" (Listening differently) series of concerts the Goethe-Institut has embarked on a journey of discovery in South-East Asia to explore new ways to adopt and promote classical music. In February 2017 the Ensemble Resonanz toured in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Hanoi and Singapore and has drawn parallels between music from the 17th, 18th century, contemporary and electronic music together with local DJs in a two-day workshop and in concert.

music by:

Ensemble Resonanz 
Similar Objects
Website of "anders hören"

Author: Marcus Stäbler
Speaker: Paul Baskerville


Podcast Issue 69

Music Spaces in the Arab World is a project of the Goethe-Institutes in the region Middle East/North Africa - inspired by the Hamburg-based project www.kuechensessions.de - which offers young musicians as well as seasoned bands an opportunity to present themselves in live concerts as well as online. Since 2016 live concerts are organized as small, local events in a private setting, which means that the select audience can get up close and personal with the musicians. The concerts are held all over the Arabic world, in Alexandria, Beirut, Bethlehem, Baghdad, Gaza, Cairo, Khartoum, Ramallah and Tunis and the audience can experience music ranging from traditional songs to Arabic Alternative Rock.

Music by:

Hany Must & Yasmine Sami, Cairo
Maysa Daw, Jerusalem
Salute Yal Bannot, Khartoum
Inanna, Bagdad
Yuma, Tunis

Music Spaces in the Arab World Project Website

Author: Cornelia Wegerhoff
Speaker & Overvoice: Noelle O'Brien-Coker

Podcast Issue 68

Contemporary Music

historage is a project organized by the Goethe-Institut e.V. and Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt which invited six artists and a music ensemble from seven different countries to delve into the archival material of the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt and to transform the experiences in an artistic work. During the Internationalen Ferienkurse in Darmstadt the seven works were shown in August 2016 for the first time in Germany.

Music by  
Hanno Leichtmann  
Samson Young  
Ashley Fure  
Philip Miller  
Nicolás Varchausky  
Alexey Shmurak  
Ensemble Distractfold  

Author: Adele Jakumeit
Speaker: Richard Lynson
Speaker Overvoices: Timothy Allsop
Kindly supported by Hessischer Rundfunk

Podcast Issue 67


Die Polyversal Souls feat. Guy One auf Tournee in Westafrika 

Author: Jonathan Fischer
Speaker: David Creedon

Music by:
Polyversal Souls feat. Guy One

Kindly supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Zündfunk)

Podcast Issue 66


Of Epics and Myths
With the Passacaglia jazz ensemble in Central Asia

Music by Ensemble Passacaglia
Blog "Of Epics and Myths"

Author: Werner Bleisteiner
Speaker: David Creedon

Podcast Issue 65

Electronic Music
The TEN CITIES project matched music producers and musicians from five cities in Europe (Berlin, Bristol, Kiev, Lisbon and Naples) with their colleagues in five African cities (Cairo, Johannesburg, Lagos, Luanda and Nairobi). The result of this "clash of club cultures" could be heard at the final concert in Berlin, which was also the official release party for the long-awaited TEN CITIES album.

Music by:
Octa Push feat. Isaac 
Pinch feat. Temi Oyedele 
Wura Samba & Gebrüder Teichmann
Just A Band & Octa Push 
LuNaBe feat. MC Sacerdote 
Diamond VersionBikya & Wetrobots 

TEN CITIES project website blog.goethe.de/ten-cities
Album released by Soundway Records 

Author: Florian Sievers
Speaker: Sasha Perera
Overvoice (German interviews): Florian Sievers
Translated by Eric Rosencrantz

Podcast Issue 64

Reggae: Gentleman Sound System Show in Afrika

Author: Jonathan Fischer
Speaker: David Creedon 

Kindly supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Zündfunk)

Podcast Issue 63

Fremdarbeit in Chicago: Ensemble Dal Niente hosted German composer Johannes Kreidler for a productive collaboration.

Author: Margarete Zander
Speakers: Joanna Marie and Jim Cunninham

Johannes Kreidler
Ensemble Dal Niente

Podcast Issue 62

Contemporary Music: Where from? Where to? Myths - Nation – Identities
Young composers from Central Eastern Europe and the Ensemble Modern in search of the region's national identities

Author: Björn Gottstein
Speaker: Ronan Collett

Website of the “Myths” project

Podcast Issue 61

Contemporary Music
Calidostópia – Markus Popp aka Oval meets South American voices

Music by:
Label Cómeme

Author: Arno Raffeiner
Speaker: Clayton Nemrow

Podcast Issue 60

Electronic music
Cómeme in Colombia – „Electric Salsa“ with Matías Aguayo, Sebastian Hoyos et al.

Music by:
Label Cómeme

Author: Arno Raffeiner
Speaker: Clayton Nemrow

Podcast Issue 59

Contemporary / Electronic music
Sound Exchange - Experimental Music Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe
The Grand Finale in Chemnitz

Music by:
Milan Adamcziak/ Mi65 (Slovakia)
Bogusłav Schaeffer (Poland)
Positive Noise Trio (Hungary)
Andris Indāns, Stropu Jurka, Normunds Griestiņš, Toms Auniņš (Latvia)

Author: Torsten Möller
Speakers: Margaret Bryant and Raoul Mörchen (overvoicing)

Podcast Issue 58

An encounter of klarino masters in the balkans

Six clarinets of all sizes and a drumset:
Sergiu Balutel, Rumänien
Oğuz Büyükberber, Turkey
Stavros Pazarentsis, Greece
Slobodan Trkulja, Serbia
Steffen Schorn, Germany
Claudio Puntin, Switzerland

Author: Martin Laurentius
Speaker: Chris Bishop

Podcast Issue 57

Contemporary Music
Celebrating Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary with a world premiere in India:
The Leipzig Gewandhaus Choir presented Bernd Franke’s piece PRAN, a new composition based on one of Tagore’s poems.

Upcoming performances:
01/10/2012, Berlin, Gethsemanekirche (European premiere)
02/10/2012. Leipzig, Museum der bildenden Künste
Author: Beatrice Schwartner
Speakers: Sophia Baron and Graham Welsh

The concerts were part of the programme Germany and India: Infinite Opportunities.

Bernd Franke
Goethe-Institut Kolkata: Informationen zum Konzert
Germany and India: Infinite opportunities 

Podcast Issue 56

„Nisses Hörna“ in Stockholm:
Nils Landgren building a jazz bridge between Sweden and Germany

Music by:
Nils Landgren
Heinz Sauer
Markus Stockhausen / Vladyslav Sendecki / Arild Andersen
Anke Helfrich

Author: Sarah Seidel
Speaker: Matthew Partridge

Kindly supported by Norddeutscher Rundfunk

ACT Music
Care Music Group
enja Records

Podcast Issue 55

„Classic Incantations“: German Film Orchestra Babelsberg performs A.R Rahman
India tour within the programme „Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite opportunities“
Presented by Lapp India

Author: Margarete Zander
Speakers: Megan Gay and Peter Craven

A.R. Rahman
German Film Orchestra Babelsberg
Germany and India: Infinite Opportunities
Lapp India  

Podcast Issue 54

Contemporary Music/ Electronica
Sound Exchange - Experimental Music Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe
Station 2: Bratislava
A project by Goethe-Institut and Dock e.V.

Music by:
Milan Adamciak
Kurek/Bumšteinas Duo
Andrius Rugys
Frank Bretschneider

Author: Florian Neuner
Speaker: Séamus O'Donnell

Sound Exchange
Dock e.V.
Video about Sound Exchange Day Riga

Podcast Issue 53

Hip Hop
Translating HipHop – Congress and festival from 10 to 12 November 2011 in Berlin
A project by Goethe-Institut and Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Participating Artists:
Amewu, Diana Avella, Flaco Flow & Melanina, Malikah, Rayess Bek, Nazizi, MC Kah, Moroko, Tondo Tribe, Pyranja, Mad Maxamom, Chefket, Anne Khan

Author: Pyranja
Speaker: Blake Worrell

Podcast Issue 52

Audio Art
Europe – A Sound Panorama
Winners of the competition meet for a workshop in Kalrsruhe

Konrad Korabiewski (DAN) - Skeyti (a message from
Stefan Malešević (SER) - Hinter den Knochen
Pablo Sanz Almoguera (SPA) - Three Impressions
Francesco Giomi (ITA) - Alla Carta
Tamer Fahri Özgönen (D) - Musique Cologne
Softday (IRL) – Hypoxia Hibernalis
Ladislav Zelezny (CZ) - 220 Sounds Layered in Five Minutes

Europe – a sound panorama is a project by the Goethe Institute of Belgrade, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio Belgrade, the European Broadcasting Union's (EBU) Ars Acustica Group, the Institute for Music and Sound at the Centre for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe (ZKM) and the director and media artist Götz Naleppa. It is sponsored by Allianz Kulturstiftung.

Author: Björn Gottstein
Speaker: Peter Craven

Broadcast on Deutschlandradio Kultur, Oct 28, 2011
Broadcast on Deutschlandradio Kultur, Oct 31, 2011 (Finalists)
Institute for Music and Acoustics at ZKM Karlsruhe
Götz Naleppa
Thomas Köner  

Podcast Issue 51

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra in Brazil, Chile and Bolivia

With music by:
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Author: Henning Sieverts
Speaker: Howard Cooper

Kindly supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk

Podcast Issue 50

Crossroads to Westafreeca

With music by:
Ras Banjo
Label: Kivastone Records

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker: David Creedon

Kindly supported by Bayerischer Rundfunk

Podcast Issue 49

Wind quintet Chantily meets members of the Central American Youth Orchestra

Music by:
Chantily Quintett

Author: Julia Cortis
Speaker: David Creedon

Profil - Edition Günter Hänssler

Podcast Issue 48

German Women Jazz Orchestra in Ägypten

Mit Musik von:
Angelika Niescier
Deutsche Welle

Autor und Sprecher: Henning Sieverts

Honest Jon’s
Basic Channel / Main Street

Podcast Issue 47

„Carte Blanche“ for Moritz von Oswald in Brussels

Music by:
Moritz von Oswald Trio
Paul St Hilaire aka Tikiman (MySpace)

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker: David Creedon

Basic Channel / Main Street
Honest Jon’s

Podcast Issue 46

Berlin – Nairobi / Nairobi – Berlin

Music by:
Abbas Kubaff, Nairobi (Facebook)
Jahcoozi, Berlin
Just A Band, Nairobi
Nazizi, Nairobi (Facebook)
Gebrüder Teichmann, Berlin
Lon'Jon, Nairobi (Facebook)
Ukoo Flani, Nairobi (MySpace)

Author: Ralf Summer
Speaker: Howard Cooper
In collaboration with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio's scene magazine

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