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 Issue Music by and information on
44 „Night of Unity“ in Seoul feat. Tanith, Gas et al.
43 Jazz September in Moscow
42 „Of Foreign Lands And People“: Robert Schumann, newly discovered all over the world A project of the Schumannfest in Düsseldorf and the Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with radio WDR 3
41 Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra playing at the music festival „Misiones de Chiquitos“ in Bolivia
40 Soundscape Hanoi by Tri Minh, Vu Nhat Tan, Robert Henke
39 City Scapes: Composers Competition in Kuala Lumpur
38 Robyn Schulkowsky and Reinhold Friedrich: Composers’ workshop and concerts in South America
37 Serambi Jazz: Jazz veranda in Jakarta
36 Signum Quartett: South East Asia Tour
35 Ensemble Modern: "into Pearl River Delta" - world premiere in Berlin
34 Audio postcards from Southeast Europe: Music by von AUTOPSIA, Rastko Popovic, Selena Savic and Nebojsa Vukelic
33 Bundesjugendorchester und BuJAzzO: Begegnung mit dem MIAGI Youth Orchestra in Südafrika
32 TUOMI: Shakespeare and Rilke touring East Africa
31 Christian Schmitt: Organ Festival and Organ Academy in Bogotá
30 Dirk Rothbrust: Percussion meets percussion in the Middle East
29 Ensemble Resonanz: Concert at Izmir Festival
28 „into Dubai“ – world premiere in Berlin
27 Johnny La Marama: in Chile, Peru and Venezuela
26 Morgenstern Trio: Touring South America for the „Bicentenario“ in Bolivia
25 jazzIndeed: Touring the spring festivals in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
24 Trio Azul: Middle East Tour
23 Ensemble Modern: into Johannesburg - world premiere in Berlin: Music by Luke Bedford, Lars Petter Hagen, Jörg Birkenkötter and Lucia Ronchetti
22 La Brass Banda: Concerts at sibSTANCIJA festival in Siberia
21 Ensemble Nikel (Tel Aviv) and ensemble mosaik: „The Joint“ – Premiere at the Ultraschall Festival in Berlin
20 Steffen Schleiermacher: Composition Masterclasses in Uzbekistan
19 Erdmann 3000: Concert at the Muse Festival in Athens
18 Cyminology: Tour in the Caucasus
17 Apparat & Band: Concert tour to South America
16 Ensemble Modern: "Into Istanbul" - World premiere in Frankfurt
15 ensemble recherche: South America Tour
14 Alva Noto and Byetone: Concert tour to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay
13 Big Band: Performances at the German Cultural Weeks in the Ukraine
12 Mandelring Quartet: Concerts and workshops in Japan and Korea
11 The "Asia-Pacific plate" at the c/o pop festival in Cologne: Audio samples by Console (Weilheim) and Nannue Tipitier (Bangkok)
10 Vocal music ensemble amarcord: Concerts at the festival "Deutscher Kulturfrühling" in Estonia
9 Carsten Daerr Trio: Tour in the Middle east
8 Pianists from Germany and Russia: White Night of the Piano in St. Petersburg
7 Minguet Quartett: Concerts at the International New Music Week in Bucharest
6 This podcast features selected music from – and the latest news on – Matthias Schriefl’s band Shreefpunk in Dublin, Robert Henke’s Monolake tour of Australia and New Zealand, and “Into….”, a group project of contemporary “composers-in-brief-residence” in Istanbul, Dubai, Johannesburg and the Pearl River Delta in China
5 Music and information about Lychee Lassi tours in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, about the Atos Trio in Eastern Europe about Angelika Niescier's sublim in Central Asia and about concerts of brass band mardi in Sofia, Sliven, Burgas and Russ
4 Music by and information on the International Chamber Music Festival in The Lofoten Isles, the International Guitar Festival in Porto Alegre, the International Composer’s Course in Villafranca del Bierzo/Spain and c/o pop in Cologne
3 Tracks and info by and about [em], the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the project Lisboa-Maputo-Berlin and the Joachim- Schoenecker-Trio
2 Music and information on Mouse on Mars, Alec Empire, Ensemble Recherche and G-Strings
1 Music and information on Musikfabrik NRW, Der Rote Bereich, Uwe Kropinski and Hans Nieswandt