Theatre and Dance

"APPI(A)PPIA", Dresden, Hellerau 2017 "APPI(A)PPIA", Dresden, Hellerau 2017 | Photo: Stephan Floss The Department of Theatre/Dance offers theatre and dance professionals various grants at home and abroad to enable exchange, encounters and discussions in the field of performing arts internationally and in Germany.

The focus is on contemporary drama, spoken theatre, contemporary dance, performance art, children’s and youth theatre, puppet and figure theatre, and new drama.

The promotion of young talent is aimed at young artists living in Germany who would like to make their first international contacts as part of a guest performance abroad.

Residencies and funding of research stays abroad make possible the realisation of internationally oriented project plans.

Scholarships and internships at theatres, festivals and production houses in Germany enable foreign artists to continue their professional development.

Guest performances in Germany by international theatre and dance ensembles from transition countries promote intercultural exchange in cooperation with German festivals, organizers and theatres.

The International Coproduction Fund (IKF) opens up interdisciplinary and collaborative forms of production to artistic experimentation in global contexts.



The Theatre and Dance Department provides support for guest performances by theatrical and dance ensembles from “cooperation countries” receiving German development assistance. 


In order for young artists from Germany to make their first international contacts and experiences, the Theatre and Dance Department has set up a special programme for young performing artists. 


The Goethe-Institut funds research residencies abroad for performing artists based in Germany to help them to prepare internationally-oriented projects and to make contacts abroad.


Every year the Theatre and Dance Department awards residencies in Germany to young theatre makers and choreographers from abroad. 

These residencies range from a two-week participation in the International Forum of the Berliner Theatertreffen (an annual theatre festival in Berlin) to internships in productions by dance companies and public theatres. 


With the International Coproduction Fund, the Goethe-Institut aims to encourage new collaborative working processes and innovative productions in intercultural exchange in order to promote the emergence of new working networks and approaches within a global context and to explore further forms of intercultural collaboration.
This Fund targets professional artists, ensembles and initiatives abroad and in Germany working in the fields of theatre, dance, music and performance art. There are no topical or regional restrictions, but preference will be given to projects between German and non-European partners, especially in transition countries.