About this website

The Goethe-Institut is celebrating its 70th birthday! To mark the occasion, we have launched an anniversary website with multimedia history of Germany’s largest intermediary organisation, highlighting important milestones along with some odd and difficult moments. 

The timeline invites you to explore 70 years of international exchange and cultural and language work in Germany and abroad, hear the stories of contemporary witnesses, and see how the Goethe-Institut has responded to global and national upheavals. 

In addition, each multimedia report in the “Deeper Dive” section elucidates one aspect of the Goethe-Institut’s work. The first, “In Transition”, looks at the technical development and digitalisation of language and cultural outreach. A total of seven multimedia reports will be released over the course of the year. “In the World” revolves around the institutes all over the globe that provide important spaces for personal encounters and tolerance. “In Profile” takes a critical look at the Goethe-Institut’s roots and shows how its mission and self-image have changed over the decades.  

“In Motion” tells the stories of people who have experienced unique encounters thanks to the Goethe-Institut. “In Europe” focuses on the cultural institute’s commitment to Europe, and “In Society” explores how institutes have become safe havens in times of political crisis and upheaval and work closely as reliable partners with the local cultural scene. Finally, “Inside and Outside” shows how the Goethe-Institut’s language and cultural work abroad impacts Germany.  

Social media formats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accompany the multimedia reports.  

Project managers: Daniel Welsch, Alexander Behrmann 

Editors: Sarah Klein & Eva-Maria Verfürth (Bunny Island), Alexander Behrmann, Jessica Kraatz Magri, Jörn Müller, Daniel Welsch 

Authors: Romy König, Wolfgang Mulke 

English translation: Sarah Smithson-Compton 

Video production: Max Humpert, Marcus Sporkmann 

Web project management: Nikos Itsines 

Information architecture: Sonja Scharfenberg 

Consulting and concept: 3pc GmbH – Neue Kommunikation 

Implementation: Bokowsky + Laymann – Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments 

Design: Marc Bibas 

Key visual: Sascha Zolnai (Zolnai Design)