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close up 2018

With Close-Up to the world: For three to four weeks each, cultural journalists from Germany, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines swap their workplaces. They become familiar with professional routines in their host country and report on their impressions on site.

Here you can find information about the participants and soon read their articles in the host media.

Frankfurt (Oder) - Manila

Jeffrey Hernaez - Katrin Hartmann© Goethe-Institut/Nancy Schneider

In October, the journalist Jeffrey Hernaez will travel to Berlin for three weeks and will be the guest of the newspaper Märkische Oderzeitung. In November, the journalist Katrin Hartmann will travel to Manila for three weeks and will be the guest of the online news platform ABS-CBN.

Berlin - Kuala Lumpur

Berlin Kuala Lumpur © Goethe-Institut | Nancy Schneider

In October, the journalist Cora Knoblauch will travel to Kuala Lumpur for four weeks and will be the guest of Radio BFM 89.9. In November, the journalist Ali Johan will travel to Berlin for three weeks and will be the guest of radioeins rbb.

Berlin - Yangon

Mratt Klyaw Thu - Florian Guckelsberger© Goethe-Institut/Nancy Schneider

In September, the journalist Mratt Kyaw Thu will travel to Berlin for three weeks and will be the guest of the magazine zenith. In November, the journalist Florian Guckelsberger will travel to Yangon for three weeks and will be the guest of the magazine Frontier Myanmar.



  Florian Guckelsberger© Lars Mensel

Florian Guckelsberger

studied international relations and international law at the Munich LMU. Today he works in Berlin as a reporter for the magazine zenith. His reports from the Near and Middle East and North Africa – including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Lebanon – have been published by Le Monde Diplomatique, Spiegel, Zeit, Welt, taz and NZZ. He is an IJP Middle East Fellow and Holbrooke Grant awardee. 

 Mratt Kyaw Thu © Ye Aung Thu

Mratt Kyaw Thu

is chief editor of the English-language magazine Frontier Myanmar. He began his career in 2010 at the newspaper Unity Weekly Myanmar and focuses on political reporting. In 2017, he won the Kate Webb Award from the French news agency AFP for his coverage of the ethnic conflicts in Myanmar. 

Katrin Hartmann© Privat

Katrin Hartmann

studied English, sociology and human geography in Potsdam. She is an avid world traveller. During her studies, she lived in South Africa for several months, and previously in England. She has always remained true to her German roots. For five years she has been working as a journalist at the Märkische Oderzeitung in Frankfurt (Oder), focusing on topics in the German-Polish border area.

 Jeffrey Hernaez© Val Cuenca

Jeffrey Hernaez

studied journalism at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He is a radio journalist at DZMM Teleradyo of ABS-CBN in Manila, the largest media company in the Philippines, where he reports on nationwide events and conflict zones. In addition, he worked as an editor-in-chief and publisher of several magazines in the lifestyle and technology sectors. 

Cora Knoblauch© Privat

Cora Knoblauch

studied art history, Spanish and medieval history in Mainz, Granada and Berlin. Since 2002, she has been working as a freelance editor and reporter for radioeins of Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg and since 2009 as a freelance editor and author at Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Her preferred topics are indoor and outdoor art, architecture and design, as well as everything that moves our society. She lives with her family in Berlin. 

Ali Johan© BFM 89.9

Ali Johan

is a producer at BFM 89.9, the business radio  station in Kuala Lumpur. He is an avid music fan with a passion for Southeast Asian sounds and their history and documentation. Between 2010 and 2016, he produced and presented the programme Wavelength, which focused on Asian sounds. As a radio producer, his focus is on the arts and music. Since 2017, he has been chief editor of the station’s music department. 

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