Thessaloniki - Berlin
Close up 2016

Deutschland-Griechenland Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut’s Close-Up programme enables cultural journalists from the print, online and radio media to swap workplaces with a colleague from abroad for three to four weeks. Elena Taxidou, editor at the magazine Parallaxi worked in Berlin in the autumn of 2016. Meanwhile, Harriet Wolff, an editor at taz spent her time in Thessaloniki. 


Harriet Wolff Photo: private Harriet WolFF

taz editor from Berlin (focuses: reportage and satire)
Host medium: Parallaxi in Thessaloniki  
Time of stay: Autumn 2016   
Would like to report on: Gegen die Krise, gegen Klischees – was griechische Initiativen vor Ort bewirken, auch in Bezug auf die Flüchtlingsfrage.
How I’ve perceived my host country until now: Multi-layered, surprising, a moving country that is open to questions.  

Elena Taxidou Photo: private Elena TaxiDou

Editor at Parallaxi Magazine, Thessaloniki 
Host medium: taz in Berlin 
Time of stay: Autumn 2016   
Would like to report on: My motto is: "Every city has an untold story to tell, just keep on looking and listening." I think the themes and stories emerge through this interaction, from a dreamy new little bistro to a party that was set up out of nowhere, or a group of musicians who love to play music in a basement. 
How I’ve perceived my host country until now:  I used to say that, essentially, there aren’t "countries" but "cities." I firmly believe in the fact that cities are whatever their people are. Putting that into practice, a new view of Berlin’s cultural and everyday life will surprise me in many ways, both as a journalist and a European citizen.