Vilnius - Bonn
Close up 2016

Vilnius-Bonn Grafik: Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut’s Close-Up programme enables cultural journalists from the print, online and radio media to swap workplaces with a colleague from abroad for three to four weeks. In 2016, one of those couplings was Monika Petruliene, who was a guest of German Deutsche Welle, and Christina Ruta, who reported for LRT in Vilnius. 


Monika Petruliene Photo: private Monika Petruliene

Television editor at LRT Televizija in Vilnius 
Host mediumDeutsche Welle in Bonn/Berlin  
Time of stay: Autumn 2016   
Would like to report on: My professors always said that journalism is not a job, it’s a life. Of course, I didn’t believe them during my studies. Now I am seeing how right they were. There are hardly any boundaries between life and work anymore. My television reports deal with the arts, politics, business and social topics. I am interested in how citizens and government institutions preserve cultural heritage, how culture, music and contemporary art change lives.  

How I’ve perceived my host country until now: Germany is a country I travel to often, the cultural centre of Europe that always thrills me. Since working on coverage in Berlin last year, however, I also know Germany as a country facing great challenges with regard to refugees.   

Christina Ruta Photo: private

DR. Christina Ruta

Freelance collaborator at Deutsche Welle, newsroom 
Host medium: LRT Welle in Vilnius   
Time of stay: Autumn 2016   
Would like to report on: I want to report on current topics revolving about the Lithuanian arts scene. One interesting aspect may be the large numbers of emigrants, particularly young people. To what extent does this influence the creative landscape of the country?
How I’ve perceived my host country until now: As a country that is presently aligning itself strongly with Western Europe, but due to its history was and is subjected to strong Polish and Russian influences.