Flugmodus – A tour of the Goethe-Institut’s internet world

Flugmodus – A tour of the Goethe-Institut’s internet world © Goethe-Institut Via its website, the Goethe-Institut provides people all over the world with information in over 40 languages about current trends and developments in Germany. The website additionally features reports about relevant events and activities taking place in the countries in which the Goethe-Institut is represented. This gives readers different viewpoints on phenomena which concern all of us around the globe.

We have selected 14 articles from all the texts posted on the Goethe-Institut website over the past one and a half years. In the brochure, these are presented in new pairings – a German perspective coupled in each case with an international one, such as Public Art between Artistic Autonomy and Interaction in Münster and Art on the Streets of Russia. Or The Plight of Young Germans and Chinese Anxiety about the Future. This parallel view often opens up an entirely new perspective.

Let our “Flugmodus” brochure take you on an offline tour of the Goethe-Institut’s internet world.



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