Art Games

Linda Rendel Linda Rendel | © Martin Milz Linda Rendel was already enthusiastic about computers as a little girl and used to look over her grandfather’s shoulder when he played The Settlers. For a time computer were replaced by books in her enthusiasm and she read English Literature at university. But she could never really forget computer games. Today she is a producer at Ubisoft Blue Byte and works on The Settlers Online. In her spare time she supports the cause of indie studios – for example, by organizing an Indie Arena Booth at gamescom and meet-ups to share knowledge and provide better networking for the German games industry.

Bernd Diemer Bernd Diemer | © Sebastian Schulz During Bernd Diemer’s studies at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar he started making interactive installations and computer games. He continued working in this field as an artist-in-residence at the Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, where he mainly built robots. Bernd’s first shipped game was Project: Nomads with Radon Labs Berlin in 2002. After this he worked on all the Crysis games and Ryse at Crytek, the cancelled Dead Island 2 game at Yager in Berlin and Horizon: Zero Dawn at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam. In the last ten years he has been teaching game development whenever he finds the time and spoken regularly at game conferences. He is currently a Design Director at DICE in Stockholm and Professor for Game Design at the Cologne Game Lab in Cologne, and very, very happy about it. At night he draws the adventures of Duchesse Ariadne, the famous nineteenth century penguin adventuress and scientist.

Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff have been creating multi-sensory artefacts related to the construction and social aspects of computer game culture since 2001. Their interactive installations/automata combine game logic, media criticism, apparatus parody, games culture and childhood memories in engaging man-machine experiences, often altering views of the relationship between man and technology.

Their multi-sensory installations connect code, electronics, mechanics, music and childhood memories to novel forms of experience that usually rope in several participants simultaneously. Besides the main artistic exploration of alternative user interfaces, humour, group experience and hormones are the key ingredients of their work. It has been awarded numerous prizes and exhibited at various venues, ranging from street fairs to modern art museums throughout the world. 

Volker Morawe Volker Morawe | © fur Volker Morawe grew up in a small, quiet town near Bremen, a trading city famous for its coffee and beer production. He attended to several schools, took job training as a space electronics technician, participated in second-chance education, was a hit producer and a design student from 1999 to 2004 at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. His major field of study: multisensory interfaces in games. 

Tilman Reiff Tilman Reiff | © fur Tilman Reiff spent his childhood in his father’s electronics laboratory and on off-road bicycles at construction sites in Ratingen-Homberg. After a rebellious scholastic career, he left Munich to study computer science and media at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, followed by postgraduate study at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. His major field of study: interaction design.