Close up 2018

The Goethe-Institut’s Close-Up programme enables cultural journalists in the print, online or radio media to swap their workplaces with a colleague abroad for three to four weeks.

Call for Applications

The focus of this year’s Close-Up is on Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines.
The prerequisites for applications are very good English skills and at least three years of work experience. The Goethe-Institut will pay the costs for travel, accommodation, for the translations of articles/features and will grant the participants an additional stipend of €300.00 per week. The travel period will be between September and November 2018. Distribution of the journalists among each of the participating countries will be decided by the Goethe-Institut.
Send applications via email to
Please submit a personal data sheet, two selected articles/features from your work as a cultural journalist and a brief letter of motivation (approx. half an A4 page).
The application deadline is 28 February 2018.
Please also send a brief written confirmation from your editorial office that it would like to take part in the Close-Up cultural journalists’ exchange programme. For participating media, this requires:

  • that they provide the guest journalist a workplace with Internet access.
  • that they involve the guest in the journalism routine on site.
  • that they name a journalist who will be available to them as their constant contact (usually the exchange partner).
  • that they provide the guest with a place to publish their articles/features in the print, radio or online publication and publish them two to three times per week within the framework of their editorial capabilities.
  • that they mention the Goethe-Institut and any project partners in each publication, in interviews and other public presentations of the project.
  • that they provide the Goethe-Institut with copies of the articles as links, scans or screenshots (following publication) and in digital form on a CD-ROM (in their entirety).
  • that they permit the articles and features created to be published on and