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Photo: Marina Naprushkina // Rania Mleihi // Damaskus/Beirut Photo: Marina Naprushkina // Rania Mleihi // Damaskus/Beirut

Thu, 27.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Not only do cultural professionals need qualifications and networking, they also need structures: for education, promotion and public presentations. These structures often collapse in times of war and exile. How can artists continue to do their work when their institutions are no longer intact and they must rely solely on their existing networks? How can a cultural scene emerge among individual artists? What form should development schemes take in order to support new voices?
Rania Mleihi, dramaturge, Damascus/Munich
Wissam Kadour, theatre manager, Damascus/Beirut
Marina Naprushkina, artist/activist, Minsk/Berlin
Johanna Keller, Head of Cultural Programmes for North Africa/Middle East, Goethe-Institut