Concert Wischah Syrian String Quartet

Fri, 28.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Before leaving Syria, Athil Hamdan was dean of the Music Conservatory of Damascus. Alongside his work as a lecturer at the school he also helped influence the musical life of the country as a classical soloist and solo cellist in the Syrian National Orchestra, not least through his close relationship with contemporary composers in Syria. Together with Mohamad Ghaleb Jazmati, Thaer Eid and Rawan Al Kurdi, who are now all residents in Germany, he interprets the works of great Syrian composers.

Athil Hamdan, cello, Damascus/ Berlin
Mohamad Ghaleb Jazmati, violin, Damascus/Rellingen
Thaer Eid, viola, Damascus/Hannover
Rawan Al Kurdi, violin, Damascus/Berlin