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Photo: Nabil Arbaain und Aananda Photo: Nabil Arbaain und Aananda

Thu, 20.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Panel, 19:30 – 22:00
Crossing Borders – When Culture Becomes Opportunity

A discussion on the history and role of the Goethe-Institut in Damascus will look at Syrian culture and the cultural exchange between Germany and Syria prior to 2011. The following questions will be considered: How has the cultural landscape and exchange changed since the start of the current conflict? What are the opportunities and challenges for international cultural exchange in conflict areas and under extreme circumstances? What role does the German cultural scene have to play?

Johannes Ebert, Secretary-General of the Goethe-Institut, Munich
Diana El-Jeroudi, director, producer and activist, Damascus/Berlin
Helena Waldmann, theatre director and choreographer, Berlin

Amira El Ahl, author and moderator, Cairo/Kassel

70 Square Metres
A space becomes our own when we can design and furnish it according to our own visions and fill it with life. When in exile, these spaces may take the form of coordinates that can help convey a feeling of security in a foreign environment. Three young artists from Syria – Rula Ali, Amer El Akel and Alina Amer – are making an appearance to show their artistic concepts at the Goethe-Institut Damascus | In Exile. The facilities there will be transformed through collaborations with other artists and interactive installations. They will be conceptually accompanied by Berlin-based artist Nasan Tur.
Rula Ali, curator and visual artist, Damascus/Berlin
Amer Al Akel, visual artist, Damascus/Berlin
Alina Amer, visual artist, Damascus/Berlin

Nabil Arbaain und Aananda

Syrian composer and oud virtuoso Nabil Arbaain performs alongside the Berlin-based German-Iranian electronic duo Aananda with music that will get you dancing.