DJ-Set Damascus Rhythm: Electro Beats in the Front Shop

Masih Tajzai & Baymax Photo: Masih Tajzai & Baymax

Sat, 22.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Together with the CTM Festival for experimental and electronic music in Berlin and curated by Lebanese producer and DJ Rabih Beaini, Goethe-Institut Damascus | In Exile presents DJ sets from various musicians from across the Arab world. Dance, listen and be amazed.

Electro Beats with Masih Tajzai & DJ Mo.

Masih Tajzai, a young director and filmmaker from Kabul, had to flee from his homeland in autumn 2015. He got to know Mo Loschelder, a longstanding force on Berlin’s electronic music scene, at a Berlin refugee housing initiative where Loschelder was volunteering. Several months ago, Loschelder and other dedicated people formed the idea of FACES, a party with Syrian, Afghan and Berlin-based DJs that would combine their different cultures through dance and music. Masih has since become one of the events residents. Together with Loschelder, he has shaped an evening combining classical and current songs from Afghanistan and worldwide club sounds.

In cooperation with CTM Berlin