Discussion “Where to?”

Khalil Younes, Ibon Zubiaur and Frances Stonor Saunders Photo: Khalil Younes, Ibon Zubiaur, Frances Stonor Saunders

Tue, 25.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

For the worldwide Goethe-Institut project “Where to?” authors and intellectuals from more than thirty countries were presented with a questionnaire on the topic of flight and migration. Inspiration for the survey came from the questionnaires concisely written by Swiss author Max Frisch in his diaries, covering general topics such as friendship, marriage, death and money. In these, Frisch asks uncomfortable and probing questions that the reader himself may never have thought about. Selected authors delve into and discuss their answers during a roundtable talk together with Syrian author, poet and intellectual Khalil Younes.

Welcome from:
Joachim Bernauer, Culture Department Head, Goethe-Institut, Munich

Khalil Younes, visual artist and writer, Damaskus/Chikago
Ibon Zubiaur, cultural liaison, translator and author, Getxo/Berlin
Frances Stonor Saunders, journalist and historian, London