Exhibition/Opening/Discussion 70 Square Metres

Curators 70 Square Metres and artist NasanTur Curators 70 Square Metres and artist NasanTur

Tue, 01.11.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

A space becomes our own when we can design and furnish it according to our own visions and fill it with life. When in exile, these spaces may take the form of coordinates that can help convey a feeling of security in a foreign environment. Three young artists from Syria – Rula Ali, Amer El Akel and Alina Amer – are making an appearance to show their artistic concepts at the Goethe-Institut Damascus | In Exile. The facilities there will be transformed through collaborations with other artists and interactive installations. They will be conceptually accompanied by Berlin-based artist Nasan Tur.
Rula Ali, curator and visual artist, Damascus/Berlin
Amer El Akel, visual artist, Damascus/Berlin
Alina Amer, visual artist, Damascus/Berlin