Presentation Integrative Potentials of the Game Design Method

Gaming Foto: Getty Images/Goodluz

Wed, 02.11.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Events such as war and the flight of millions are the subject of many “political” or even “serious” games. The creative and participative process of collaborative game development is more important here than the quality of existing approaches to games. Based upon team building and the principle of learning from each other, game design is increasingly proving to be an attractive method of instruction – particularly in heterogeneous and multicultural groups.
Thomas Lilge, founder of (tbc),
Ebrahim Hardan, IT teacher,
Silke Donath, deputy head, Johanna-Eck-Schule
and the game collective Mensch-Maschine/Saftladen

Simone Lenz, Cultural Education and Discourse