Kinan Azmeh City Band

Kinan Azmeh City Band Kinan Azmeh City Band

Mon, 24.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

The Kinan Azmeh City Band from New York City has received much acclaim from audiences and critics alike since it was founded in 2006 and is known for its masterful and energetic stage presence. With his New York ensemble, Azmeh attempts to build bridges between classical music, jazz and music from his native Syria. This attempt sees an expressive clarinet performance meet Kyle Sanna’s rustic guitar and plays with the dynamic sounds of John Hadfield’s percussion and Petros Klampanis’s contrabass. Each member of the band brings with them their own personal story, which lends an unmistakable note to the whole performance. The result is a captivating and rewarding musical experience. The band has already taken their new album Elastic City to concerts in the USA, France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey.

Kinan Azmeh, composer and clarinettist, Damascus/New York
Kyle Sanna, guitarist and composer, New York
John Hadfield, percussionist, New York
Josh Myers, bassist, Boston/New York