Exile Film Station Programme of Short Film

Photo: Suleima Photo: Suleima

Sun, 30.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Hubertus Koch was 24 years old when he travelled to the Bab Al-Salameh Syrian refugee camp on the Turkish border in March 2014. He went with a humanitarian transport mission to the camp and used his camera to make a film of the “black hole” of misery and suffering that he found there. Little Sun starts with two children, Luna and Osama, playfully making their way through the city with a view through binoculars into the streets of Damascus. Osama remembers how Luna always said that Damascus in the early morning would smell of bread and jasmine, particularly if it had been raining the night before. Finally, animated filmmaker Jalal Maghout gives us a portrait of Suleima, one of thousands of anonymous women who are fighting in Syria against dependency and injustice.

Syria – A Black Hole by Hubertus Koch, Germany 2015, 30 minutes, Arabic and German with English subtitles

Little Sun by Alfoz Tanjour, Syria 2007, 18 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles

Suleima by Jalal Maghout, France 2014, 15 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles

The directors of the films will be present at this event.