Exile Film Station Tribute to Omar Amiralay

Photo: A Flood in Baath Country Photo: A Flood in Baath Country Foto: A Flood in Baath Country

Sat, 29.10.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

After completing his studies in Paris, Omar Amiralay returned to his homeland with the aim of creating a new documentary cinema in Syria. After the painful experiences with his first film in which he enthusiastically documented the construction of a dam, only to later discover that all the prestige projects of the Baath Party were at massive risk of structural collapse, he became a critical observer of his country. In doing so, he shows that transparency and the search for truth are important weapons in the struggle against a dictatorship. As an unconditional proponent of modernisation in Syria, Amiralay is becoming a role model for a new generation of filmmakers whilst many of his films are banned, including his Everyday Life in a Syrian Village.

Everyday Life in a Syrian Village by Omar Amiralay, Syria 1974, 90 minutes, Arabic with English subtitles

Followed by a discussion with Ossama Mohammed and Orwa Nyrabia