Concert Exilistan Quartet

Exilistan Quartett Exilistan Quartett

Fri, 04.11.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

Exilistan is an attitude, a peaceful vision of music that has been created in exile, of theatre, film, dance and art. This musical project was initiated by music manager Lobna Allamii and musician Milad Khawam. The opening concert took place at the Carnival of Cultures Festival in 2016. Their name gives away what they are all about: with roots in Palestine, Syria, Armenia, Turkey and Kurdistan, the Exilistan Quartet brings a whole new sound that enriches the oriental fusion and jazz genres.
Milad Khawam, trumpeter, Damascus/Berlin
Basilius Alawad, cellist, Damascus/Berlin
Utku Yurttaş, Keyboard, Istanbul/Berlin
Salam Al Hassan, percussionist, Damascus/Aachen