Dance Displacement

Dance performance "Displacement" Photo: Mithkal Alzghair

Sat, 05.11.2016

Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile

The dance performance Displacement by Syrian choreographer Mithkal Alzgahir deals with displacement, violence, conflict and revolution in the Middle East. In his artistic work he aims to show the identity of the Syrian body, the recognised, practised and knowingly created patrimony. In doing so, the artist tries to understand the origin of the events that have shaken his country. What is the identity of a society that has grown under dictatorship? How is one’s identity affected by war and migration? And where can a body find space for peace? Displacement is not just a study of one’s own heritage, but also a reconstruction of a new heritage that is being created.

Mithkal Alzgahir, choreographer and dancer, Damascus/Paris