Writing for life

Saturday, 22nd October 2016

Panel Discussion: Amal Ibrahim al-Nusairi, Ulla Lenze and Leila Chammaa | Moderator: Claudia Kramatschek

What is it like to live and write it in a war-torn country? What options are available to Iraqi women writers for processing traumatic experiences in their literary works, and to express their opinions politically? What role does engaging with authors from Germany and other Western countries play in their lives? Through the initiative of Birgit Svensson, who has been working in Iraq as a journalist, women authors from Iraq and Germany have come together to participate in a series of workshops in southern Iraqi Basra. Since December 2015, these authors have had the opportunity to explore a variety of literary techniques and discover new ways to express the experience of war and violence.

A conversation focusing on female writing in Iraq and Germany that focuses on each author’s conception of their self and literature, the conditions that affect their writing, and the importance of cultural exchange. Panelists: Amal Ibrahim al-Nusairi (Baghdad) Author, Ulla Lenze (Berlin) Author, and Leila Chammaa (Berlin) Literary Agent and Translator. Moderator: Claudia Kramatschek (Berlin), Literary Critic and Features Writer
Language: English
Cooperation: Goethe-Institut
Saturday, 22.10., 1.00 – 2.00 pm
Salon Weltempfang, Halle 3.1/ Stand L 25