Faites vos Jeux

 © Andrea Wöhr

Faites vos jEUx

Sharing the goal of developing interesting game concepts for hot-button EU issues, a total of 17 participants from Portugal and Germany came together for a workshop week in Munich in March 2015.

The encounter with experts and game designers provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and gain new perspectives for the future in the creative economy. The most convincing designs were realised under professional guidance in the follow-up phase until November 2015. The project was aimed at young Europeans from 17 to 30 years of age, on a basis of inclusion and learning from one another.


Local preparatory meetings were held in Lisbon and Munich. 10 participants from Portugal and 7 from Germany got to know each other and gained initial insights into the project.

The seven-day workshop began with some group dynamics for team building and presentations from experts on the EU and game development. Henceforth the workshop focused on the collaborative development of gaming concepts related to current issues in the EU.

The most convincing drafts were developed further under the guidance of professionals. Following the workshop the participants were encouraged to test and implement their game ideas. Game Designers Andrea Wöhr and Filipa Cunha helped them to produce prototypes for the final presentation.

The Games


  • Warming up © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Warming up
  • Creative Sidewalk  © Karina Müller
    Creative Sidewalk
  • Preparatory meeting at the Goethe-Institut Lisbon © Karina Müller
    Preparatory meeting at the Goethe-Institut Lisbon
  • Educational opportunity © Karina Müller
    Educational opportunity
  • Faites vos Jeux Teilnehmer im Zug © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Happy Arrival
  • The participants visit Munich © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Sightseeing Tour
  • Networking at the Goethe-Institut Munich © Karina Müller
    Networking at the Goethe-Institut Munich
  • Game Designer Alexander Zacherl zu Besuch im Goethe-Institut © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Game Designer Alexander Zacherl
  • Proud to present © Ulrich Tausend
    Proud to present
  • Inspired by Lego © Juliana Pene
    Inspired by Lego
  • The participants visit Münchner Medienzentrum JFF © Ulrich Tausend
    At Münchner Medienzentrum JFF
  • Team “The Journey” at work © Ulrich Tausend
    Team “The Journey” at work
  • The "Who Killed Europe?" - Team © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Team "Who Killed Europe?"
  • Presenting “Who killed Europe?!" © Ulrich Tausend
    Presenting “Who killed Europe?!"
  • Presenting “The Journey” © Karina Müller
    Presenting “The Journey”
  • Meeting professionals at Reality Twist © Ulrich Tausend
    Meeting professionals at Reality Twist
  • Night Shots  © Faites vos jEUx Team
    Night Shots
  • In the end a remarkable upward trend © Faites vos jEUx Team
    In the end a remarkable upward trend
  • Diving into the phase of postproduction © Ulrich Tausend
    Diving into the phase of postproduction

Report by Valerie Quade
My Faites vos jEUx Adventure

"My ‘Faites vos jEUx’ adventure began with a FB posting on the platform #medialepfade. I applied with a covering letter in which I described why I was interested in this unconventional Gamelab and shortly thereafter got the good news that I was in."


The project Faites vos jEUx is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut e.V., realized in cooperation with its partners, the Munich-based JFF – Institute for Media Education as well as ARISCO – Organization to Promote Health and Social Integration and Associação Mais cidadania in Portugal with support of the Youth in Action Programme by the European Commission.