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That's not how Economics work?!

That's not how Economics work?! © Faites vos jEUx Team


"In brainstorming session during our project, each participant got paper and a pen and wrote down topics associated with the EU or with games that might be of special interest. The notes were shuffled and redistributed. Our group got words like, `organic supermarket, ‘free’ and ‘new life’. We combined them to create a game, where you’d have to start a new life, operating a super market, to hand out organic food for free. What was originally meant to be just a warm-up exercise, was later to become our final game concept. While thinking about how to achieve certain things in the game we also started wondering if something similar could be achieved in real life."

That's not how Economics work?! - window mapping © Faites vos jEUx Team


Your grandpa Ulrich recently retired and left you a small supermarket. You want to make use of the opportunity to promote healthy, organic food and its sustainable consumption, and to take a stand for more just distribution. You decide to distribute fair-trade products and to use the store to give out food for free, to enable the poor to have access to healthy food as well. Since you won’t earn any money with the food, you need to find other ways to obtain more food or money (to pay the farmers for more food). If you can distribute a certain amount of food within a certain period of time, a sponsor will support your idea, helping you to expand. If not, you will lose your motivation and therefore lose the game.


Within 10 rounds affected by different game components you may reach 15 points. You earn points by distributing as much healthy food as possible. But following unsuccessful business strategies and wasting food you’ll eventually lose.
  • A great deal of fun at work © Ulrich Tausend
    A great deal of fun at work
  • first drafts © Faites vos jEUx Team
    First drafts
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    That’s how it looks like