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Who killed Europe?

Who killed Europe? © Faites vos jEUx Team

Game Description:
Europe has been killed! Four detectives were hired to discover the culprit behind such an atrocity. ‘Who Killed Europe?’ (or WKE for short) is a mystery-murder board game that uses cards and player interactions as its basis for finding the solution. A cartoon style, a small board, simple rules and a wide range of actions are everything needed to make it different from other games of the same genre, providing players a new experience where suspicion, strategy and mind-games come to life. Although it may seem a simple board game at first, realizing just how complex it can become is the moment the players open the door to a new world of strategies and deception.

How it works:
Four players move across the board rolling the dice, collecting cards and exchanging them with other players to discover the solution to the game and emerge victorious as the one who solved the murder of Europe

  • First drafts © Ulrich Tausend
    First drafts
  • With a little help of designer Andrea Wöhr © Faites vos jEUx Team
    With a little help of designer Andrea Wöhr
  • Presenting “Who killed Europe?!” © Ulrich Tausend
    Presenting “Who killed Europe?!”
  • Faites vos jEUx Foto: Andrea Wöhr
    aquisition of professional competences
How it came to life:
It was pretty spontaneous; we don’t have a good explanation for how it appeared… it was like a miracle. We were having a lot of trouble with our first idea and were almost at the deadline of the project…We had nothing viable to present and were seeking a solution that would make our game playable and presentable. We were getting nowhere since we were out of ideas; it seemed like the group had hit a dead end…until one of us said: ‘What about that game where you find the murderer, in a mansion?’. That’s when it struck us. We discarded our first idea, throwing everything we had done until then aside and promptly grabbed a sheet of paper - and the idea about murdering Europe came to life. In order to make it more enjoyable we decided to take a humorous approach to the subject and thought about silly ideas that could kill Europe. Since it would be pretty similar to other games of the same genre we decided to keep it simple, yet complex. A paradox that gave the game its unique soul and way of playing.

The message:
Although the game is pretty original itself, it must be noted that the idea of Europe getting killed is something that can actually happen. It won’t be due to drunken penguins or because Santa doesn’t exist, but due to some real causes like corruption, terrorism, lack of money, emigration, etc... Everything we see today in the news or read in the newspapers alerts us to this possibility. We can have a say in this by inviting others to realize that all of us can help build a better Europe and even a better world.