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Michela Murgia

Michela Murgia Michela Murgia | © Alec Cani

Michela Murgia was born in 1972 in Cabras, Italy, and lives in Sardinia. Her first novel was Il monde deve sapere (2006), published in English as Camilla in Callcenterland. This fictitious diary in which she incorporates her experiences as a call centre employee, also inspired the film Das ganze Leben liegt vor dir (Your Whole Life Ahead of You) by Paolo Virzì. She won the Campiello Prize with her novel Accabadora (2009) (Accabadora, Berkeley 2012; The Last Mother). In the years that followed, Michela Murgia published further titles, including Ave Mary (2011), L’incontro (2012, in German: Murmelbrüder 2014) and Chirù (2015).

For some years she has been an honorary member of the Coordinamento Teologhe Italiane. Her work has been translated into more than 20 languages.