Reading with all the senses
Leipzig Book Fair 2018

Saturday 17th March, 1.00 – 1.30 pm

Panel discussion (German speech with translation into German sign language)

Equal rights for all people to participate in social life should actually be something we take for granted. But what’s the situation in a cultural context? There are many activities and events, especially those involving communication of literature, that are not barrier-free. Inclusion has hitherto been a little-discussed theme in the literature industry. How can you communicate literature successfully – for instance to include blind and deaf people?

Ellen Schweizer
(Germany), chair of the association “Anderes Sehen e.V.”, independent graphic designer, “Inclusive Design” expert
Mathias Schäfer (Germany), sign language lecturer, actor, co-founder and partner at yomma, a service provider in this sector
Maximilian Dorner
(Germany), dramatic advisor, author, presenter
Location: ARTE-Stand, Glass Atrium, Gallery, Booth 11