How do you compose a Roma song? Roma and Sinti in literature
Leipzig Book Fair 2018

Friday, 16th March, 2.00 – 3.00 pm

Panel discussion

Roma and Sinti are amongst the most disadvantaged and discriminated groups in Europe. This affects all areas of life, from accessing education, accommodation and work to healthcare, and involves massive marginalisation and racism.
Nevertheless, the Roma and Sinti are tackling the challenges of the still-young 21st century with self-confidence. As a result we are now seeing literature that is more descriptive and investigative, as opposed to merely reproducing clichés.
Musician and activist Dotschy Reinhardt, poet and journalist Kujtim Paçaku, and author Murat Baltić speak on this subject.

These artists will be on a panel in Leipzig with the President of the Goethe-Institut, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, to discuss the challenges facing European societies as far as recognition of the Roma people is concerned, and how culture and cultural policy can influence societies.

Murat Baltić
(Yugoslavia/Germany), author
Klaus-Dieter Lehmann (Germany), President of the Goethe-Institut
Kujtim Paçaku (Kosovo), poet and journalist
Dotschy Reinhardt (Germany)

Introduction and presentation:
Iulia Patrut
(Germany), literary scholar  

Event organised by: Goethe-Institut, Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity / Romania. Zoom in, Traduki

Location: Traduki Stage, Hall 4 / D507