Radio Bridge 2015

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Radioeins live from Athens

Radioeins is building a Radio Bridge from Berlin to Greece for four days in September. Broadcasting live from the Goethe-Institut in Athens journalists will report on life in the Greek capital in a daily radio programme featuring interviews and online videos on the website. Radioeins tries to examine the consequences of the present economic rollercoaster ride on everyday life and cultural life for the people of Greece. How does society and daily routines change when getting cash from your bank isn’t taken for granted anymore?

The programmes from Athens including interviews, audio programmes and a brief introduction into modern Greek give an impression of the current situation there.

The Radio Bridge is a cooperation between the Department of Film and Broadcasting at the Goethe-Institute headquarters and RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg). On September 14th till 17th presenter Nancy Fischer and a team from Radioeins will broadcast a daily three hour magazine live from the Café of the Goethe-Institute Athens, which was the first institute established abroad. It will become a studio and host this second Radio Bridge cooperation with Radioeins – a place for interviews, live music and cutting edge discussion between Greece and Germany. Audiences can follow the programme broadcasted daily between 4.00pm and 7.00pm in Berlin and Brandenburg live on air or via cable and worldwide on via livestream.

Radioeins-Moderatorin Nancy Fischer und Reporterin Eleni Klotsikas vor dem griechischen Parlamentsgebäude Radioeins-Moderatorin Nancy Fischer und Reporterin Eleni Klotsikas vor dem griechischen Parlamentsgebäude | Radioeins

Postcard from Athens

In our blog "Postcard from Athens" we post written and photographed impressions of daily life in the Greek metropolis.

Postkarte aus Athen © / Vitaliy Pakhnyushchyy


Gespräch mit Institutsleiter Matthias Makoswki

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Gespräch mit Musikerin Stella

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Die deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde in Athen

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Ausverkauf der griechischen Inseln

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Die aktuelle Situation der Geflüchteten

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Flüchtlingsmetropole Athen

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Issam berichtet von seiner Flucht aus Syrien

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