Radio Bridge 2016

Radiobrücke Instanbul © Radioeins

radioeins live from the Bosporus

From 9 to 12 May 2016, radioeins is building a radio bridge to Turkey. The broadcasts will be aired daily from the rooftop terrace of the Goethe-Institut in Istanbul. The reporters will be transmitting interviews, audio reports and topical short videos about life in the Turkish metropolis between traditional and modern, between Europe and Asia. radioeins wants to communicate a vivid impression of the city on the Bosporus and will talk to interview partners who know both worlds.

Turkey has been in the spotlight of the public eye lately as a result of the refugee crisis. radioeins will ask what effects the EU agreement with Turkey has had on the country as a whole and take a look at the city’s cultural scene. How have people and everyday life in Turkey been changing since the latest political events? And how do artists handle these topics?

The programmes also intend to build a bridge between Berlin and Istanbul in terms of language. A German teacher of the Goethe-Institut will explain idioms and interesting facts about the Turkish language in the “Hörst du, lernst du, weißt du – der radioeins Kulturcheck” (Listen, learn, know – the radioeins culture check) slot. Students learning German will be reading the rbb weather report for Berlin and Brandenburg. The radio programmes and interviews of radioeins will later be available to all language learners of the Goethe-Institut to improve their proficiency in German.

The guests in the temporary radio station of the Goethe-Institut will include musicians such as Sultan Tunc, who is involved in refugee work, and the Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Orhan Pamuk, whose latest book “A Strangeness in My Mind” is a declaration of love to Istanbul.

The Radio Bridge is a co-operation between the Department of Film, Television, Radio of the Goethe-Institut head office and RBB (Radio Berlin Brandenburg).

From 9 to 12 May, the radioeins team around presenter Marco Seiffert will be broadcasting live from the Litera Café for three hours a day. The Goethe-Institut in Istanbul will be both host and broadcasting station in this third radio bridge cooperation with radioeins, a place for interviews and live music, for discussions between Turks and Germans. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. you can tune in via VHF and cable in Berlin and Brandenburg. All over Germany and also abroad you can follow the programme via live stream on the homepage of radioeins.

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Deutsch-türkische Beziehungen

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Radiobrücke Istanbul - Unsere Meinungsfreiheit ist bedroht

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Interview mit Claus Peyman - Dreigroschenoper am Bosporus

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Interview mit Orhan Pamuk

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Schwul sein in der Türkei

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