Radio Bridge 2017

Radiobrücke Warsaw © Goethe-Institut

radioeins live from Warsaw

After three successful radio bridges in Sao Paolo, Athens and Istanbul a new radio bridge will be opened by Goethe-Institut and radioeins from RBB from 16-19 October in Warsaw. In their daily live show form 4-7pm the journalists are tracking down stories from this eastern European metropolis and are capturing the latest news through interviews, reports and videos.

Currently, populism and nationalistic slogans are questioning the European spirit in many countries. Euro-skepticism is particularly strong in Poland. In what ways do the current political events change the society and the daily life in Poland? And how are creative people dealing with these topics? Due to the increase of national-conservative voices radioeins is asking about the consequences of a prevalent Euro-criticism in Poland and looks in particular into the cultural scene of the city. Artists, journalists, activists and normal citizens will depict the current public opinion.

German-polish encounters

From 16-19 October Goethe-Institut Warsaw is host of the youngest radio bridge and makes its library available as recording studio. Again, everyday life appears behind the reality of the daily news production in times of political discordances. German-polish encounters will be at the center of reports and interviews, as for example the visit of a German-polish couple in Warsaw. Besides discussing bilateral clichés the focus will also be the very active cultural scene of the capital. Polish films are experiencing a renaissance and the party culture in Warsaw is at least as eccentric as in Berlin.

From Acropolis to the Bosporus

The „radio bridge” has established itself as a successful format as from 2014 on. In preparation to the football world cup in Brasil Goethe-Institut São Paolo was host of the first radio bridge; interviews and features depicted a multi-facetted image of the metropolis and its inhabitants for the listeners of radioeins in Berlin and Brandenburg – that could equally followed via livestream from the radioeins homepage.

In 2015 the radio bridge moved to Athens. During the peak of the debt crisis the journalists captured Greek opinions about Germany and discussed the situation of refugees in the Mediterranean. A similar juxtaposition of political unrest and pulsating culture was conveyed through the “radio bridge Istanbul” in 2016. Consequences of the refugee deal between Turkey and the European Union on the everyday life in Istanbul were the focus as well as was artistic scene between tradition and modernity.

The radio bridge is a live broadcast of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) from the Goethe-Institut in Warsaw and is available as live-stream under Furthermore, podcasts, images and videos about the radio bridge will be published on the social-media channels and homepages of Goethe-Institut and radioeins.

Interview mit Institutsleiter Christoph Bartmann

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Interview mit Lutz Seiler

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Interview mit ARD Korrespondent Jan Pallokat

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Interview mit Ola Boczkowska von Love does not Exclude

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Warschauer Kulturpalast

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Auf den Spuren von Frédéric Chopin

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Live-Musik von Paula & Karol

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Issam berichtet von seiner Flucht aus Syrien

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