Conference 1968 and the New Right. European Perspectives

Imprisonment during the Spaziergangsdemo in Dezember 1966 Copyright: Gretchen Dutschke-Klotz

Wed, 07.11.2018

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

20099 Hamburg

Imprisonment during the Spaziergangsdemo in Dezember 1966

In 1968, we saw student unrest, class struggle and countervailing power in particular in France, Germany and Italy, thaw and democratisation blossoming in Eastern Europe, the Prague Spring and among Polish intellectuals. Fifty years ago, rebellion and resistance smouldered in Europe. They burned out faster than history could write it down, but the spirit of 1968 did not disappear completely. It has been intellectually and ideologically updated, developed and regrouped in left-wing radicalism and the German Autumn as well as – surprisingly – in New Right political movements. For 1968 was possibly also the year of the birth of the New Right, which despite contradictory objectives adopted some methods from the 1968 movement. Right-wing extremist parties and groups today threaten liberal, democratic societies almost everywhere in Europe. We will discuss the spirit they breathe and the intellectual strategies hidden behind them, the consequences 1968 had for Germany, France, Poland and Russia, and perhaps even for Europe as a whole, with political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, historians and journalists from these very countries.

With: Christina von Braun (D), Emile Chabal (F, invited), Armin Nassehi (D), Thomas Wagner (D), Joanna Wawrzyniak (PL) und Greg Yudin (RUS).

Welcome addresses: Sabine Schulze, Director of Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe and Sven Murmann, founder of Kursbuch Kulturstiftung and publisher (2:00 PM), Johannes Ebert, Secretary General of the Goethe-Institut and Irmgard Maria Fellner, Commissioner for Foreign Cultural Policy and Deputy Head of Culture and Communication in the German Foreign Office (7:00 PM)

Moderation: Katja Freistein und Vladimir Balzer

Further information on the participants can be found here.

From 5pm to 6pm: Free Tour through the exhibition 1968 Politics, Protest and Imagination for speakers and guests of the conference. 

In cooperation with Kursbuch Kulturstiftung and the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe.