Dance Coexist

Coexist Goethe-Institut e.V.

31 January 2020

Theater Bremen

"On the altar of art are permitted things that are forbidden in real life. That makes art a game - an alibi that sets us free." (Adrienn Hód) - Adrienn Hód is considered to be one of the most important voices in Hungary's contemporary dance scene. In her works, she devotes herself in a playful and often provocative way to the search for ever new dance forms and dramaturgical principles. After a highly acclaimed guest performance at the festival TANZ Bremen, Adrienn Hód returns to Bremen to create a new work with the ensemble of Unusual Symptoms.

In "Coexist" ten dancers unfold a deceitful and merciless view of the political and social settings in which their bodies move and by which they are formed and influenced. With black humour and an ecstatic dance language, they uncompromisingly hold up the mirror to the present. Between empathic gestures and the ambivalent play with taboos and conventions, personal stories and social discourse, they confront the audience with the limits of their perception and challenge them to question their own clichés and positions and put them into a new relationship.