Digital Event Creative Industries Roundtable: Internationalisation in the CCI

Creative Industries Roundtable © Goethe-Institut, Foto: Loredana La Rocca

Wed, 02.12.2020

Creative Industries Roundtable

What kind of support structures and programmes make the difference in encouraging and facilitating internationalisation in the Cultural and Creative industries (CCI)? What are the different approaches? What would be a desirable future in terms of internationalisation?
This CCI Roundtable discusses needs and best-practice examples for the cultural and creative industries when it comes to internationalisation.
We are delighted that Ida Åstrand (mediaevolution), Yemisi Mokuolu (Hatch Africa, Ayada Lab), Juliane Kahl (Responsive Fashion Institute) and Dennis Briddigkeit (Curvature Games) join us on this international panel.
The roundtable kicks off a series of events organised by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with the network of support institutions for the CCI in Germany (PCI) to identify and build-up strategies to facilitate the internationalisation of CCI. It is preceded by a closed workshop with a broader range of experts to identify the status quo, successful approaches and potentials of internationalisation in the CCI.
The event adds to the programme of the Digital Cross Innovation Conference 2020 hosted by Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft.

Link to livestream of the event:
Participation via the YouTube chat is possible. No registration necessary.
The event will be recorded and made available on the Goethe-Institut YouTube channel.