Sherief Gaber, activist

(c) Sherif GaberSherif Gaber

“The liberation and transformation of quotidian, everyday spaces has been one of the paramount features of the Egyptian revolution; any media that would claim to be revolutionary must engage with and take place within these spaces. Our challenge is to take media from being an object of individual consumption to becoming a tactic for producing new environments and collectivities.”

Sherief Gaber was born to Egyptian parents in 1984 in Boston and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He studied urban planning and law in Austin, Texas, and was particularly interested in social housing and communal development.

During his childhood and early youth, Gaber travelled to Egypt regularly. When the revolution started he returned to Cairo and joined Mosireen, a non-profit media collective that has documented the protests and the violations of social justice. Mosireen had been nominated for Reporters without Borders’ 2013 Netizen Prize.

As well as working as an activist, he is also currently looking at communal and informal urban planning, the right to a city and the development of public spaces.

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