Qatar Germany


Every year, Qatar Museums runs a year of culture, and in 2017 Germany was the host country for the Year of Culture program. Through a variety of exhibitions, festivals and events, the Year of Culture promotes mutual understanding, recognition and appreciation between countries. People are invited to discover their cultural similarities, as well as to explore their differences. 

This yearbook has been produced by the German Embassy and Goethe-Institut. It offers a comprehensive account of the events realized in Qutar as a part of Qutar Germany 2017 Year of Culture.


Picture Gallery

  • Deutsche Saison Qatar © Qatar Museums
  • The Constitute © The Constitute
  • Julian Heun mit Hammer © Hendrik Schneller
  • Kulturkabinett Stuttgart © Kulturkabinett-Stuttgart
  • Kammerkonzert © Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Lola rennt © Film: Lola Rennt
  • Katara Opera House © Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Philharmonic Percussion Wind Brass © Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra