Artistic exchange with Brigitte Stenzel

Brigitte Stenzel © Thomas Dashuber

Brigitte Stenzel – skillfully figurative

This time figurative art, please:the Omani artists and managers at Stal Gallery Muscat wished for a figurative artist for the 2018 residency. And we found her: Brigitte Stenzel convinced with outstandingly artistic and technically perfect paintings.

Stal Gallery Artist in Residence 2018 has been chosen and Brigitte Stenzel from the city of Freising in Bavaria has startled the obeservers with her works which are almost reflections of reality. Brigitte paints exceptionally, and on 9 January she will be introduced to the Omani art scene at the yearly reception for best newcoming artists.
Are there any figurative artists in Germany, so questioned the Omani artists after meeting with past artist residents who stood out with impressive works with collage techniques, installations, photography and films. Now they will meet Brigitte Stenzel, an artist with an artistic craftmanship and a sensibility for color and detail.
The Meisterschülerin (master´s student) of Professor Anke Doberauer received her diploma in 2015 in painting and graphic arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich. Before she had studied philosophy and art history at Regensburg University and had also taken classes in art education where she graduated with a state exam.
Since 2007, Brigitte Stenzel´s works have been on collected and exhibited in private collections and museums in Bavaria and in museums and galleries in Munich, Cologne, Salzburg and in Taiwan. Brigitte has received many awards for her works and now is thrilled to meet with artists and people of a very different culture in Oman.