Globalization-Connections-Time Yasemin Yilmaz in Muscat

 Yasemin Yilmaz | Globalization-Connections-Time © Yasemin Yilmaz


The German artist Yasemin Yilmaz presented in April 2014 in Muscat her art project “Globalization-Connections-Time” and worked together with the Omani artist Hassan Meer in another project “Trade”. Afterwards works realized in both projects were shown at the Stal Gallery in an exhibition.

The residence of Yasemin Yilmaz was supported by the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region, Abu Dhabi. During her residence in Oman Yasemin Yilmaz also engaged in an art project with students of the local PASCH school.

We have asked Yasemin Yilmaz some questions about her art projects and her visit to Muscat.

Five questions to… Interview with Yasemin Yilmaz

The artist Yasemin Yilmaz

The artist Yasemin Yilmaz was born in Hannover where she has also studied cultural management at the Leibniz University in Hannover. After her studies she has spent some time in Izmir in Turkey to work artistically. Since 2000 her works has been shown in various exhibitions in Germany as well as internationally. Moreover she is a member of the artists association European Artists and other organizations for artists. Since 2006 she has received several artist residencies and scholar ships to work among others in Rumania, Hungary, Egypt and Oman. Besides this she participated in symposia and artist meetings in Rumania, Hungary and Germany.