The Goethe-Institut Gulf Region offers students who are in the later stages of a degree course or have already graduated the opportunity to do an internship. This will allow them to gain insights into the work of a Goethe-Institut, help plan and implement cultural programmes and play a role in language courses, programme activities or administrative tasks.

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Application conditions

You will need to fulfil the following conditions if you wish to do an internship at the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region:
  • Very good German and/or English language skills; a knowledge of Arabic would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of the local language is desirable
  • A university degree, either begun or completed, in the humanities, business studies, law or IT, leading to a Diplom, Magister, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, German state examination for Secondary School II or a PhD
  • You will need to have completed at least three semesters and not be older than 30

Departments and activities

The language course department organizes German courses for children, adolescents and adults at all proficiency levels. In addition, we run globally recognized exams. Our activities include compiling teaching and advertising materials and advising German teachers on course and exam issues.

An internship in the language department should last for a maximum of two months.

Interns in the language course department can
  • gain insights into the operation of language courses, e.g. by helping with course enrolment and central examinations run by the institute
  • help with compiling advertising and course materials
  • sit in on classes at different course levels
  • help create and run accompanying activities for language course participants
  • attend meetings of the language department
We expect our interns
  • to show a keen interest in theoretical and practical aspects of German as a foreign language
  • to be willing to work together with German teachers and course participants
  • to be able to work independently
  • to be willing to carry out routine tasks
  • to have good IT skills
  • to be willing to work flexible hours

Within the framework of its cultural cooperation activities, the Goethe-Institut promotes dialogue, encounters and exchange between artists and academics from Germany and France on developments and trends of considerable importance. This is achieved above all through the cultural programmes run by the Goethe-Institut with its partners, though also through informal encounters with artists and intellectuals of the host country. Our cultural programmes focus particularly on contemporary culture in Germany.

An internship in the programme department should last for a maximum of two months.

Within the framework of our programme work, we offer interns
  • insights into the conceptualization and realization of Franco-German cultural cooperation
  • the opportunity to help with the organizational preparation and implementation of our cultural programme in the areas of word/literature, exhibitions, film & media, music, dance & theatre
  • the chance, where possible, to be entrusted with certain duties that they can carry out largely independently

We expect our interns
  • to have a good knowledge of the German cultural scene
  • to have a very good command of French
  • to be willing to carry out routine tasks
  • to be willing to work flexible hours

Application process

Please complete the application form in German and add your curriculum vitae and a passport photo. References are not necessary.

Due to the very high demand for internship places, we recommend that you send us your application at least one year before you wish to do your internship.

Remuneration and insurance

You will need to have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses, accommodation and travel costs, as the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region is unable to support you financially. In most cases the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region will be able to help you find a room, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Internship confirmation and report

You will be required to write a report at the end of your internship. This will form the basis of the confirmation of the internship.
Though an assessment of your performance will not normally be undertaken, this is possible on request.

Please apply to the internship director in good time if you wish to receive such a confirmation. However, you have no legal entitlement to an assessment letter.