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​The Goethe-Institut branches have reopened in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat. To protect you and to reduce the risk of infection at the institute, the following safety measures will be implemented in respect of the current status of the newly recurred Covid-19 virus:

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Concept outlining temporary additional measures for protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection

  • Action to be taken in suspected cases: fever, coughing and breathing difficulties, in particular, may be signs of a coronavirus infection. Course and/or exam participants with such symptoms are requested to leave the institute premises immediately or to remain at home. Where Goethe-Institut staff are affected, they must be assumed to be unfit for work until a doctor can confirm whether or not the suspicion is justified. Those persons concerned should immediately contact a doctor or the health authority, initially by phone.
  • When entering the building, disinfect your hands with the sanitizer that is to be found directly at the gate or reception. If you should leave the building during your work day and then return, please disinfect your hands again each time you enter.
  • Even more attention than usual should be paid to general hygiene. Instructions are displayed in the toilets about how to wash your hands properly to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Course and/or exam participants must maintain a sufficient distance (at least two metres) from one another; this also applies in the designated smoking areas.
  • Please bring your own prayer mat with you, as mats unfortunately cannot be provided at the present time.
  • Use sanitizer to disinfect your own desk before and after the class or exam.
  • It is compulsory to cover your mouth and nose and to wear gloves at all times while you are at the institute.
  • Please bring enough water with you, as we are unfortunately unable to provide water at this time.
  • The institute has the right to caution course and/or exam participants or to expel them from the institute, or to exclude them from their class or exam if they fail to comply with the aforementioned additional regulations. In this case, the general terms and conditions of the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region (see  Cancellation and Reimbursement) apply.
  • The epidemic is posing a challenge to teaching procedures over a prolonged period. The measures described above will help to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you for your help – we hope that you stay healthy!
  • These regulations are binding for all students and visitors.