Contact and Enrolment

Enrolment Photo: GI-Kabul/Adam Arman

Contact and Enrolment

Interested in one of our language courses or need further information? Feel free to drop in to our language course office for some personal advice.

The Goethe-Institut Afghanistan will remain closed until further notice.

گويته انستيتوت أفغانستان الى امر ثاني مسدود ميباشد.
You can enrol in person.

Payment method:

If you already have some German and wish to enrol for one of our courses we ask you to come to our Language Office and to fill in a placement test. This will help us to rate your level of German as closely as possible and find the best course for you. You can do the test during the period of registration or by arrangement.
  • In case of cancellation up to one day prior to the start of the course the course fee is refunded less than an administrative fee of 20 %.
  • In case of cancellation after the course starts, no refunds can be issued.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing.
There are currently no courses available.

1. General Requirements 

Our courses are designed for adult learners. Young people aged 15 and older may be admitted after prior consultation.

2. Course Level Assignment/Class Size 

2.1 Placement in course levels is based on a placement test conducted prior to enrolment. The placement test is not necessary for beginners and participants who attended a course at the Goethe-Institut within the last year 

2.2 Our courses have at least 8 participants, not exceeding 20 at level A and 16 at level B/C. If enrolments are insufficient on starting date, we reserve the right to cancel the course. In this case we will offer the participants the opportunity to move to another course or to receive a full refund of the course fee.

3. Literacy 

3.1 Sufficient reading and writing skills are a precondition to participation in a course. To determine the level of literacy, if necessary we will conduct a literacy test. 

3.2 For level A1 courses a literacy test will be conducted in the first week of the course. Where a participant’s reading and writing skills are deemed insufficient, he or she will be assigned to a literacy course.

4. Change of Course 

A change of course depends on the corresponding necessary language skills and on the availability of free places. A rebooking fee of 250 AFG will be charged if a participant arranges to change a course (ex. course date).

5. Course Fees 

The contractually binding fee is the fee stated in the current course information of the Goethe-Institut Afghanistan at the time of application.

6. Cancellation and Refunds 

6.1 Cancellation must be submitted in writing. 

6.2 In the case of cancellation up to one day prior to the start of the course, the course fee is refunded subject to an administrative fee of 20 %. 

6.3 In case of cancellation after the course starts, no refund can be issued.

7. Duties of Course Participants 

The participant is obliged to observe the course rules and house rules of the institute.

8. Liability of the Goethe-Institut 

The liability of the Goethe-Institut and its staff is limited to intent and gross negligence. Moreover, the Goethe-Institut shall accept no liability for the cancellation of its services due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, floodings, fire, war, official decree and all other circumstances beyond the control of the contracting parties.)

Effective date 06/2010